I am a happy, sweet , lucky and an inspired person. I am also moody, crabby, and a loner at times. I am also a certified Holistic Life Coach, Behavior Analyst, certified LoveLinks Advisor and Personal Trainer/ Nutrition Advisor. Love it or hate it, that’s me! Don’t forget to subscribe to a topic you like!! Thanks!

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My blog is dedicated to love, life, sex, wellness and all that jazz. I discuss issues and relevant topics about life in general. It is an extremely mature blog (over 18, prefer 21 years of age), therefore a password is set to the post page. Password request info is located at the bottom.

I discuss relationship issues that are hot topics to spark great conversation. There are also discussions about self motivation, fitness, wellness, food and I delve into some discussions of intimacy, sex, mistakes and secrets… Stay tuned and always feel free to dive in.


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