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Freedom of Love…

The most confusing parts about love, is being in it by yourself and freeing yourself to allow it. That moment when you realize that you’ve fallen in the deep end with no life jacket. How does the other person feel? Do they feel territorial, is it self preservation or love? You have no real idea. You’re a lover by nature, but not easy to trust and give your heart. So when you do, it’s pretty authentic. Your natural empathic abilities lead you to care deeply for many but only truly love a few. You had no plans of falling, but isn’t that how life works? Loving freely can be a catch 22 for those that have control issues. You have this constant urge to take it back but it’s already out there. The ultimate level of vulnerability. It says that not only have you allowed yourself to give of yourself freely, but you’ve given up controlling what life says should be freed. Love.

Why must we complicate it? Either you do or you don’t, right? Ha!! Complication is the human way! How do you even know when someone truly loves you? Does it matter if it’s one-sided? What about love languages? Is it the verbiage of “I love you”? The way they act? Which means more to you? Does not knowing make you feel deflated? Lessen your love? Wish you could rewind and erase it?

I often wonder why so many people are afraid of loving or speaking in love. Is it because of the possibility of being hurt? Unrequited love? Their past lovers? Childhood? Loving too soon? Isn’t that a testament to the other person? I’m a firm believer that you get one chance at this life. Even if reincarnation, recycling of souls or any variation of such actually occurs, you won’t know. Therefore, we get this one shot. Stop being so afraid of loving people. Living is about loving. I know, I know, loving without being loved back sucks ass! Trust me, I know. The heart wants what the heart wants. When it’s not returned, it kind of creates that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and you just want to run away (see, told you I understand)! That doesn’t mean that closing yourself off is the healthy option. It’s not! That’s their issue to address in life, not yours. Be willing to walk that walk of love with them, but only if you know it’s what they want as well. Never force love. Love is the easy part. If you’re not sure, take a few steps back to reassess. Give your heart a break. Give them the space they may need. Be open and honest with both your words and your actions. Sometimes you must let that person go to remain the loving being that you are. Someone will come along and thrive on that love, but you must be open and willing.

If you’re the person on the opposite end of the lover, consider their feelings and adjust accordingly. Sometimes that involves letting them go because you can’t be what they need. Life’s too short for anything else.



Valentines Day


So once again the old gimmicky holiday has rolled around. I personally like the holiday, however, I hate to have to go to the store for anything on the February 13th. Lets take Walmart for instance, you need a jug of milk, deodorant, and shaving cream. One stop shop is the nearest Walmart, you arrive, grab your stuff, and head to the check out counter….. To your surprise, there are at least 5 people in each line with their hands full with teddy bears, candy and balloons. Tacky!! Lol!! Don’t last minute shop.
Ok, let’s stop here. If you are in the market for a gift for your mate, here a few great websites to help you out and have your gifts there on time with low or no shipping costs. Ladies, remember that guys appreciate gifts too. It is a lovers holiday, not a woman’s holiday.
Gift ideas: spa packages are great for anyone. Personalized gifts are thoughtful as well. Now a nice piece of lingerie, spiked heels and some candles go a long way too. And fellas, candles, a bath, and massage oil works the same for us!

Not sure what city you are in but Living Social has great deals going on…
Chocolate covered strawberries


Love notes: hiding love notes in her stuff, so she finds it while getting dressed and throughout the day, are always thoughtful. You can play with the idea by writing a love note on the mirror, so when she showers the steam will show the message.

Scavenger hunt: hide her gift and give her clues on how to find it. Lead her to a restaurant and meet her there or to a in home picnic.

In home picnic: who says you have to go out?? Restaurants are crowded anyway. Grab takeout or cook up some goodies and have a real in home picnic.

Just a few tips, I have plenty more if needed, just shoot me an email 🙂


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